Canada Fee Schedule

Cash Deposits

ClipDrop or ClipATM Deposit

$5.49 per $1,000, with a minimum of $5.49

Debit Deposit Variance, any amount

$7.50 each

Credit Deposit Variance, any amount

$7.50 each

Insufficient Funds

$7.50 each

Variance Investigation Fee, flat rate

$30.00 each

Unscheduled Trip Fee for Unauthorized Items in Box

$175.00 each

Deposit Bags

Deposit Bag Distribution & Shipping

$19.00 per 100/bags, plus sales tax

Deposit Bag Reorder (For Lost Orders)

$45.00 per 100/bags, plus sales tax

More About Fees

These Fees only apply to Clip users and Clip services in Canada. If you are located in the United States, please see our US Fees.

For each Deposit, Clip will charge you a fee. The amount of the fee is determined from time to time for each Deposit by us, in our sole discretion; however, Clip will always present all applicable fees before you finalize a Deposit. If you do not accept a fee, do not continue with your transaction. The amount of the fee will be deducted from the cash that you Deposit via Clip.

If your financial institution charges us any fee for making a deposit to your Bank Account, you agree to pay such fees, and agree that we may deduct the fee amount from your Deposit. Clip will not reimburse and is not liable for any fees your bank may charge you directly for Clip transactions.

To the extent that we do not deduct fees, expenses or taxes from your Deposit, you agree to promptly pay us for such fees, expenses and taxes. We, or our Banking Provider, may also chargeback any amount that we have credited to you in error or the difference between the Deposit amount you stated and the actual amount in the Deposit Bag, or as a result of your Deposit of counterfeit funds. You agree to promptly pay us or our Banking Provider for any chargeback. Clip Money may offset from any Deposit any amount that you owe to Clip Money, without your prior consent.

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